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Tableaux de Fusion, TdF is a social art project I created and implemented as part of the celebration of the 2022 European Capital of Culture, ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE, ESCH2022, Luxembourg’s second most populated city. The project incorporated photography, digital art/design, printing and painting together on the same canvases. 17 artists of different nationalities participated in the project with at least four artists of different artistic professions creating each given artwork. 45 artworks were created and exhibited in the Kamellebuttek Contemporary Art Gallery, Esch-sur-Alzette with the partnership of some private and public organisations. Each artwork represented historical sites, peoples and cultural events from the 27 countries of the European Union, the 19 communities and towns of the Culture Capital and one for the international community.


Luxembourg is famous for its small but highly culturally diverse population. The project was therefore used to highlight this while promoting artistic cooperation, integration and the archiving of history through art.


Watch the project documentary video here.

Download/view  project catalogue (PDF 25mb).

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