ART by 'uno

As a child, I drew comics and figurines. During my early teens, I learned to sculpt. While in secondary school, I operated a small art studio focusing mainly on sculpture and sign-writing. Portraiture was more fascinating to me and at the time I could not paint portraits.

Graduating a year earlier from secondary school, I have forgone going to the university to study law and instead applied to study Painting. Naturally, my focus was to learn how to paint. And I did. Soon, realism and portraiture lost their impression on me and I was fascinated by broken forms, raw expressions and abstractions. I was inspired by legends like Pablo (Picasso), Jean Michel, and the Benin sculpture.

After university and a few group exhibitions, I got a job as a data manager in a bank. In 2014, after almost ten years of a combo of banking, ICT, entrepreneurship, art, writing and activism, I was shot twice in the head and left for dead. Well, I survived. After a year of treatment, I fled my country. I spent some time in Russia, then Germany and finally arrived in Luxembourg in 2017. A new start for me meant going back to my roots, art. In it, I found peace and happiness and a world of perfection. Although I survived and made full recovery from the incident, I still had pains to deal with. Today, art is more than a career path or way of expression to me. It is both a therapy and treatment.

I paint and sculpt as I feel. They're usually beautiful. I tame vibrant colours in my unique painting technique. My story like all of ours isn’t one sad page or a book. It's a combination of many pieces, books and series. Even the saddest stories can come alive beautifully if told by a gifted storyteller. So, I paint by literally putting many irregular shapes and pieces together to tell a whole “beautiful” story. Whether with brushes, spray guns, tubes, palette knives or spatula, I love the loose aggregation of lines, dots, forms and shapes to create the whole. My simple goal as an artist is to create positive and happy emotions for people through my artworks. I also hope I can inspire others, artists or not, with my story.




Upcoming Projects

  • Solo Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture by UNO
    Time is TBD
    Gazzambo Gallery, Calle Sta. Feliciana, 6, 28010 Madrid, Spain


May 2021


Solo exhibition at Ruth Gallery,

CASINO 2000, Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg.

June - August 2020

Never Seen Before

Solo exhibition at the gallery, Kunsthaus Gerwert Idar-Oberstein, Germany.

April 2020

Emerging Artists Easter Expo

Participation in the virtual group art exhibition organized by the Hansford & Sons Fine Art, London, UK.

November 2019

Luxembourg Art Week 2019

Participation in arguably Luxembourg's mostpopular art event.

November - December 2019

Jahresausstellug der Kulturwerkstatt

Participation in the group art exhibition organized by the cultural centre, TUFA, Trier, Germany

March 2019

36e Festival des Migrations, des Cultures et de la Citoyenneté

Participation in one of Luxembourg's biggest art and cultural events and exhibited paintings and stone sculptures.

Nov 2018

Fin du Hariko

Participation in the FIN DU HARIKO exhibition in Luxembourg city.

November - December 2018

Jahresausstellug der Kulturwerkstatt

Participation in the group art exhibition organized by the cultural centre, TUFA, Trier, Germany

November 2018

ONDG Luxembourg 30th Anniversary

A solo exhibition to commemorate the anniversary of the non-profit organisation at the Centre Polyvalent A Schommesch, Oberanven, Luxembourg.

August 2018

Heemecht weisen Artists Collaboration Graffiti Projet,

A collaborative project with a social aim, organized to rebrand one of Luxembourg's oldest foyer/refugee centre.

July - August 2018

Pieces of Us

 A solo exhibition of paintings with the end of life care organization, Omega90, in Haus Omega, Hamm, Luxembourg.


Thank you for dropping by. I hope you enjoyed looking around. My artworks are also available for lease or rental. Do not hesitate to inquire about your favourite piece.

5 rue de l'Église 4106 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg.

Tel: 00352 661 140 619

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