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Besides the usual participation in thematic and open group or solo exhibitions, I favour creating art projects with specific themes involving the creation of bodies of artworks dedicated entirely to the given theme of the projects. A review of some of my recent art projects can be seen below.

UNO's portrait photograph cover for Juju the People project.



A contemporary painting project I started in 2022 to reclaim and reimagine African religious beliefs and identities. It consists of the creation of several paintings from extensive research drawn from artefacts, historical records and modern-day practice of juju (African religion) in Edo, Nigeria. 

Photograph of visitors at the opening event of Tableaux de Fusion exhibition in Kamellebuttek Art Gallery in Esch-sur-Alzette.


For ESCH2022 European Capital of Culture


TdF is a social art project that I created and implemented as part of the celebration of the 2022 European Capital of Culture, ESCH2022, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg’s second most populated city.

Photograph of visitors and art lovers at the opening event of the X-Ray project exhibition at the Larochette Castle



X-Ray is a social art project created and implemented in 2021 in partnership with the organisations Omega 90 ASBL, the Ville de Larochette, Literandra ASBL and the Larochette Castle Museum & Monument. Its goal was to increase awareness of mental health issues in young people.



  • UGEGRAFF - An Exhibition of The Circle of Violent Abuse
    UGEGRAFF - An Exhibition of The Circle of Violent Abuse
    An exhibition of paintings, sculptures and ceramics to highlight the cases of violent abuse in Luxembourg and the recreation of the circle of abuse, treatment and the after-effect.

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This website is updated periodically. It is my intention to use it to inform, promote and archive artworks and artistic activities carried out by me and shown herein. 


All inquiries regarding information, media content or artworks shared herein should be forwarded directly to me through the contact details provided.


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